In memory of Margaret Ellens. Chair  Woman 2012-2017 .

HEADWAY WEARSIDE - Brain injury support in Sunderland

Headway Wearside aims to provide information, support and social activities for brain injury survivors, their families and carers in the Sunderland area. Working with the local community, relevant professionals and organisations to promote the understanding of Acquired Brain Injury.

Great North Run  
12th September 2021 

Headway Wearside Runners 

David Dei Ceci                         Michael Byrne
Christine Morton                     Gillian Dytrych
Nick Flanagan                         Sally Wilkinson
Andrew Patterson                   Dave Morland
Daniel George                          Felix Helianthus  John Roxborough                    David Ash 
Hal Brace                                 Helen Graham
Dawn Brant                              Sarah Moor
Jak Smith 

 Remote Service and Activities  

Ring a Round Service - A weekly or as needed service.

Facebook Activity Group - Daily activities and chat 

Craft Activity Packs - Monthly craft activity Sent directly to your door  

Zoom Well-being Cafe - A virtual place to chat and increase positive well-being  


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