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About Headway Wearside 

We are a person-centred organisation, so instead of telling our group members what to do, we aim to empower and enable people by supporting them to develop their skills and abilities to cope better with the difficulties which arise from having an acquired brain injury.

The unique combination and variety of problems faced by individuals with Acquired Brain Injury frequently leads to isolation and the inability to access appropriate services


  At Headway Wearside we aim to offer the following:
  • To increase awareness of brain injury and its consequences

  • To initiate activities and campaigns which will reduce the incidence of brain injury

  • To provide information and support for people with acquired brain injuries, their relatives and carers and concerned professional people

  • To promote improved approaches to acquired brain injury screening, acute care, assessment, rehabilitation and social re-integration

  • To assist people with acquired brain injuries to return to community living, including access to appropriate accommodation, social outlets, and productive activity

  • To Signpost people to relevant local services for persons with an acquired brain injury

  • To hold regular social meetings and activities so people with acquired brain injuries, their relatives and carers can come together to take part in a range of activities that they themselves choose.

  • Facilitate social opportunities for members to attend regional and national Headway events and meet with other members

  • Provide volunteering opportunities and enable supporting professionals to come together to support its members

  • Break down barriers of discrimination by working with local groups and individuals to dispel any myths or issues about acquired brain injury.

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